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Introducing AquaRings!

Did you relish the handheld AquaRings game during your younger days? The thrill of pressing that button to shoot the ring? Age is just a number because the fun doesn’t have to end!

Upgaming, a renowned casino game developer known for popular minigames like Chicken, Plinko, and Icefield, as well as hit slots such as Nomad, King Arthur, James Frost & Lost City, has reintroduced that nostalgic experience with their latest minigame, AquaRings. Dive into the gameplay reminiscent of those handheld devices, but with a grown-up twist and money to be won!


How to play Aqua Rings

  1. Visit Goldenbet Casino Via our link here
  2. Create an account
  3. Make your First deposit and claim a huge bonus!
  4. Open Minigames and select Aqua Rings
  5. Choose your bet size and start winning some money!

Want to know a bit more about playing Goldenbet Aqua Rings, Let’s break it down:

Experience the Upgaming AquaRings Game

Drawing inspiration from the handheld Aqua Rings game, Upgaming’s version boasts four poles. Each pole offers its own unique multiplier, meaning that if you successfully land a ring on a pole, your bet is magnified by that specific multiplier. Multipliers can range from 1.5x to a whopping 20x. Once you place a bet, anywhere from 1 to 5 rings are launched into the water. Through captivating animations, such as water bubble effects, each ring is propelled to the top of the screen and then gradually descends towards a pole. Should your ring bypass all poles, unfortunately, your bet is forfeited. However, if it aligns with a pole, you’re awarded the corresponding multiplier.

Risk Variations in AquaRings:

AquaRings allows players to adjust the game’s risk levels, similar to the Plinko game, presenting three risk modes: Low, Medium, and High.

  • Low Risk: This setting provides multipliers between 1.5x and 4x. While the payouts are more modest, the likelihood of capturing a multiplier is higher.
  • Medium Risk: In this mode, multipliers span from 2x to 8x. The possibility of missing out increases compared to the low setting, but it’s not as risky as the high setting.
  • High Risk: For the thrill-seekers, this mode can be challenging as landing a multiplier becomes more elusive. However, the rewards are substantial, with the lowest multiplier set at 4x and the peak multiplier soaring to 20x.

Remember: Altering the risk level resets any progress made in your bonus rounds!

Special Feature in AquaRings: The Bonus Round

Each pole in AquaRings has a capacity of five rings. Successfully filling a pole with five rings contributes one additional ring to the bonus progress bar, found at the bottom of the game interface. Once you accumulate ten rings on this progress bar, you’re ushered into the bonus round!

In this special round, all ten bonus rings come with their individual multipliers, and the bet amount for each is calculated based on the average of all previous bets leading up to the bonus round. These enhanced rings aim for the golden poles, and once all have landed, a message displays your total bonus earnings. These winnings are then directly transferred to your game account.

An added convenience is the game’s ability to save your progress. Should you run low on funds or decide to take a break, you won’t lose your accumulated bonus progress. Feel free to pick up right where you left off, even if it’s the next day!

What are MiniGames On Casino Sites?

While all casino games are essentially games of chance, they come in various formats and styles. MiniGames stand apart from standard PvP, Live Dealer, and slot games primarily due to their rapid gameplay. By merely pressing the “bet” button, the game outcome unfolds immediately, revealing the result of that round to the player.

Unlike traditional slot games, certain MiniGames such as Chicken and Icefield involve a layer of player choice. Players decide when to cash out, which squares to reveal, adjust game settings, and even choose the risk levels of the multipliers. This active engagement and decision-making aspect make MiniGames especially engaging, interactive, and entertaining.

Notably, MiniGames generally offer a higher Return To Player (RTP) compared to regular slot games. RTP represents the percentage of all the wagered money a game will pay back to players over time. While both casino games and MiniGames have an associated RTP, the exact percentage might either be disclosed or kept undisclosed to the player. For instance, in the case of upGaming MiniGames, their RTP is transparently available in the game’s details, showcasing its competitive edge.

Simply put, if the RTP is set at 96%, the casino’s profit is the remaining 4% of the total bets, ensuring 96% returns to the players over time.

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