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What is the Goldenbet Chicken Game?

The Chicken Game from Goldenbet is creating a buzz worldwide. If you haven’t played it, you’ve likely heard about it. But what’s the essence of this “Chicken” game, and why has it gained such widespread attention? Let’s dive in and uncover the magic behind it.

At its core, the Chicken game is all about gauging your luck and savouring the exhilaration of risk. The objective? Uncover where the Chicken is hiding under the dome. It’s this intriguing challenge that captivates its players.

A significant allure of the Chicken game lies in its potential rewards. Who doesn’t love the adrenaline of a big win? Notably, Chicken boasts an impressive 99% RTP (return to player ratio) on Goldenbet casino, signifying a mere 1% house edge. This ensures that a substantial portion of the money circulates among the players.


How To Play Goldenbet Chicken

Perhaps you’ve come across a video showcasing the popular Goldenbet Chicken game and are curious about how it’s played.

  1. Visit Goldenbet Casino Via our link here
  2. Create an account
  3. Make your First deposit and claim a huge bonus!
  4. Open Minigames and select CHICKEN
  5. Choose your bet size and start winning some money!

Want to know a bit more about playing Goldenbet Chicken, Let’s break it down:

Begin by navigating to Goldenbet and locating the Chicken game under the mini-games category. You’ll be greeted by a 5×5 grid, consisting of 25 metallic domes. Beneath these domes, images of bones and roast chickens are hidden. At the screen’s bottom, there’s a section detailing potential earnings for accurate guesses and a summary of your total winnings. Additionally, you can adjust your wager and decide on the number of bones (ranging from 1 to 24) you want in play.

Now that you’re acquainted with the interface, let’s dive deeper into gameplay mechanics.

Chicken fundamentally revolves around luck. The objective? Predict where the roast chickens are and steer clear of bones. The challenge escalates depending on the risks you’re willing to take, with multipliers rising based on the number of bones you’ve chosen.

For instance, if you opt for 24 bones, the challenge peaks. You’ll have just one Chicken to identify, and if you’re successful, your reward will skyrocket with a 24.75 multiplier. It’s akin to hitting a goldmine. But with heightened risk, there’s also a bigger chance of loss. On the other hand, choosing, say, 3 bones allows you to reveal more tiles, albeit at reduced odds. As you uncover more tiles, the multiplier grows, amplifying your potential winnings. Remember, you have the flexibility to withdraw your winnings anytime.

Considering giving the Chicken game a whirl? Here’s a bonus: you can sample the game without committing any funds. If it resonates with you, you can always top up your account and play for real stakes later. For exclusive offers, check our Bonus Page, where you might discover special no-deposit bonuses exclusively for the Lucky Minigames Team.

Tips and Tactics for Winning BIG on the Goldenbet Chicken Game

Are you curious about boosting your chances in the Goldenbet Chicken game? While it remains predominantly a game of luck, influenced by the unpredictable placement of bones, there are some strategies you might consider to possibly improve your odds. Here’s a guide:

Five Bone Strategy: Start by choosing 5 bones and place a bet ranging between 0.2 to 1. Continue this for 4 or 5 rounds unless you face a loss. After a loss, raise your stake, ideally to about 20% of your total balance. Then, uncover plates up to 3 times and cash out. Feeling adventurous? Maybe go for the fourth pick if your instincts suggest. If you do come across the unfortunate bone, stick to the same bet and try again. Adopt this method recurrently. If you observe an increased presence of bones and consecutive losses, consider pausing and returning later.

Tile Uncovering Based on Bones: The more bones you opt for, the tougher it gets to find the Chicken. If you’re dealing with over 10 bones in a round, it’s wise to only reveal 1 to 3 tiles. For a round with just 3 bones, unveiling up to 5 domes seems reasonable. In high-risk modes, limit yourself to unveiling no more than 7 spots. Always keep an eye on the multiplier. If you manage to surpass 2X, it’s a decent safety net for potential future losses.

Alternative Five Bone Approach: I have a personal preference for 5 bones. One method I’ve tested (though it doesn’t guarantee success) involves setting up five bones, then unveiling domes 1 to 3 times. If you secure a win, reduce your bet and replicate. If you face a loss, maintain the bet amount but attempt to open tiles four times. Gradually adjust the bet, but avoid exceeding 20% of your remaining balance.

Remember You Can Cashout Anytime!

Every online casino enthusiast aims to maximise their returns, though striking gold isn’t always straightforward. Recognizing this, minigame creators grant players the autonomy to halt and pocket their earnings at their convenience. This feature is embedded in the Chicken Goldenbet game too. Feel free to wrap up and claim your winnings, even after unveiling just one chicken. Nonetheless, bear in mind: accumulating more chickens typically boosts your returns. But, tread carefully and avoid being overly ambitious!


You aren’t tethered to just your computer to enjoy the thrill of the Chicken game. Goldenbet has ensured its captivating game is available for on-the-move play on mobile devices. Wondering if your device is compatible? Whether you’re using an iPhone, iPad, Samsung, or any other tablet or smartphone, you’re in for a smooth gameplay experience with the Chicken casino game.


As Chicken is a brainchild of Goldenbet, it’s no surprise that their online casino is the prime venue to dive into this game. Before starting, ensure you’ve registered on the platform. Once signed up, you’re in line to receive a generous welcome bonus of 1,000 pounds, complemented by reload bonuses totaling another £1000. Beyond this, a plethora of other appealing bonuses and promotions await, ensuring your gaming thrill remains undiminished.

FAQ’s About Goldenbet Mini Games

1. Is the Chicken Mini-Game Trustworthy?

The Chicken mini-game draws inspiration from the classic “Mines” concept. It stands out as not only secure but also notably reputable, boasting an impressively high RTP. Brought to you by Upgaming, a renowned game developer known for hits like Dino, Icefield, Wheel, and Dice, the Chicken game promises both swift and enjoyable gameplay for enthusiasts. If you’re a fan of rapid and fun-filled experiences, Chicken might just be your game of choice.

2. What are the Max bets and max wins?

Minimum bet0.2 £ Max bet
Max bet1000 £
Max win10,000x
RTP98 %

3. How do I know Goldenbet casino is fair and not rigged?

  • Use of Random Number Generators (RNG): Goldenbet Casino likely employs RNGs in their slot machines and other games. RNGs are sophisticated algorithms that produce random outcomes, ensuring each player’s spin or play is independent and fair.
  • Adherence to Licensing and Regulatory Standards: It’s essential to confirm that Goldenbet Casino operates under a recognized licensing body that mandates rigorous fairness criteria. By holding a licence from a reputable authority, the casino would be committing to maintaining fairness standards.
  • Independent Game Verification: Established casinos often collaborate with third-party organisations like eCOGRA, iTech Labs, or Technical Systems Testing (TST). These agencies independently evaluate the fairness and randomness of the casino games. Check if Goldenbet Casino games have been certified by any such bodies.
  • Transparency with Return to Player (RTP) Rates: A reputable casino like Goldenbet might provide the RTP rates for its games. RTP is a percentage that denotes the average amount a game returns to players over an extended period. Games with a high RTP typically yield more frequent payouts, ensuring players get a fair value for their wagers.

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