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To enhance the player’s journey, online casinos continually expand their game offerings. Whether it’s bonus slot machines with free spins, slots with progressive jackpots, blackjack, online roulette, or live casino games, these are staples across most gaming platforms. However, certain esteemed casinos have introduced a fresh game category – the crash casino game. Veterans in the field might recognize names like JetX, Aviator, or JetLucky. Today, we’ll delve into one that stands out from the crowd: Goldenbet Dino. Boasting a staggering potential of up to 10,000x the initial bet and with Dino Goldenbet providing a top prize of £1,000,000, it’s evident that Goldenbet casino has set new standards. Let’s dive into what makes it so special.


Overview of the DINO Minigame

The Dino Crash Game has emerged as a signature attraction at the Goldenbet casino. Globally, countless enthusiasts are captivated by the charming dinosaur’s journey, accruing multipliers until an unexpected meteor strike. Crash games hold a significant allure for casino aficionados, and Dino ranks prominently alongside other renowned crash games such as JetX, Aviator, Crash, Blast, among others. While the core gameplay is largely consistent across these titles, a notable distinction for Goldenbet’s Dino is its commendable RTP of 96%.

How To Play Goldenbet DINO

Perhaps you’ve come across a video showcasing the popular Goldenbet DINO game and are curious about how it’s played.

  1. Visit Goldenbet Casino Via our link here
  2. Create an account
  3. Make your First deposit and claim a huge bonus!
  4. Open Minigames and select DINO
  5. Choose your bet size and start winning some money!

Want to know a bit more about playing Goldenbet DINO, Let’s break it down:

Engaging in Dino is straightforward. As a participant, you’re required to set your wager before Dino begins its dash. You can stake anywhere between 0.2 to 1000 EUR/USD. It’s noteworthy that you can place two wagers for a single Dino sprint. The primary goal is to adeptly secure your earnings before the meteor collides with Dino. For convenience, you can automate collections at a certain multiplier, sparing you the repetitive task of hitting the Cashout button. Your stake gets amplified by the Dino multiplier, and the resulting wins are promptly credited to your account. However, if Dino succumbs before you cash out, your wager is forfeited.

How can you optimise wins on Dino?

While several tactics have been adopted by adept players to boost the odds of winning in Dino, it’s vital to understand that no strategy guarantees success. Playing responsibly is key! Here are some prevalent tactics Goldenbet players often employ for Dino:

Pause after a Major Payout:

Given that crash games operate based on an RTP system, it’s a common practice among players to withhold betting for a few rounds after witnessing a substantial multiplier like 100x. The sentiment behind this strategy is the belief that after a significant payout, the subsequent rounds will tend to offset the RTP, leading to lower multipliers. By refraining from the initial 1-2 Dino runs post a hefty win, you could evade this perceived drawback.

Auto Cashout for Safe Bets on Dino:

Dino offers the facility to predetermine a cashout multiplier while setting your wager. Since there’s the option to place two wagers in one Dino sprint, you can hedge one bet with another. As an illustration, if you stake 10 GBP/EUR with an auto cashout set at 1.2x and simultaneously wager another 2 GBP for the same run, there’s a good likelihood of achieving a multiplier beyond 1.2x. If you auto cash out the 10 EUR at a 1.2x multiplier, you’ll have an added 2 GBP. This essentially means the second bet is cushioned, and you’re not really incurring any expenditure. With your wager safeguarded, you can let Dino continue its run, capitalising on its progression without any losses.

The Martingale Tactic: Doubling Down on Dino

The Martingale system is perhaps the most renowned gambling approach, adaptable for a plethora of casino games, Dino included. While physical casinos have restrictions on employing this strategy, online platforms generally don’t.

How is it executed?

The premise of the Martingale approach is to double your stake following a loss and reset the bet upon a win. For Dino, it’s advisable to set the auto multiplier slightly above 2.01 and commence with a bet of 1 GBP. Should you face a loss, your subsequent wagers should incrementally double: 2 GBP, 4 GBP, 8 GBP, and so forth. Once you secure a win, the payout from your recent wager will exceed the cumulative total of preceding bets, ensuring net profitability. Post a win, you revert to the initial stake. A potential drawback is that one might deplete their funds before clinching a winning round. Furthermore, with the maximum permissible wager capped at 1000 EUR, there’s a limit to how many times you can double (31 times to be precise). Yet, the probability of securing a win within 32 trials is generally favourable.

What is RTP and how does it work?

RTP stands for “Return To Player.” Every minigame or slot at a casino has an associated RTP percentage, which can be either concealed or displayed for players. Goldenbet minigames proudly display their RTP in the game details, and why wouldn’t they, when they boast some of the market’s best rates?

RTP is a measure that communicates the portion of the total bet amount that’s projected to be returned to players over time. The casino’s earnings can be determined using the equation: Total Bets minus RTP percentage. For instance, with the Dino game’s RTP set at 96%, the casino retains 4% of all wagers, distributing the remaining 96% among its players. Nonetheless, the exact multiplier at which the Dino crashes remains an element of chance.

FAQ’s About Goldenbet’s DINO

1. What is the maximum bet and maximum payout?

Maximum bet1,000 £
Minimum bet0.20 £
Max gain10,000x

2. How do I know Goldenbet casino is fair and not rigged?

  • Use of Random Number Generators (RNG): Goldenbet Casino likely employs RNGs in their slot machines and other games. RNGs are sophisticated algorithms that produce random outcomes, ensuring each player’s spin or play is independent and fair.
  • Adherence to Licensing and Regulatory Standards: It’s essential to confirm that Goldenbet Casino operates under a recognized licensing body that mandates rigorous fairness criteria. By holding a licence from a reputable authority, the casino would be committing to maintaining fairness standards.
  • Independent Game Verification: Established casinos often collaborate with third-party organisations like eCOGRA, iTech Labs, or Technical Systems Testing (TST). These agencies independently evaluate the fairness and randomness of the casino games. Check if Goldenbet Casino games have been certified by any such bodies.
  • Transparency with Return to Player (RTP) Rates: A reputable casino like Goldenbet might provide the RTP rates for its games. RTP is a percentage that denotes the average amount a game returns to players over an extended period. Games with a high RTP typically yield more frequent payouts, ensuring players get a fair value for their wagers.

3. Can I deposit using American Express (AMEX)?

Yes Goldenbet casino accepts credit cards including AMEX.

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