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What Is Icefield?

Goldenbet casino introduces “IceField”, where a charming Yeti embarks on a quest across the Himalayan expanse. This perilous journey has him traversing an ice field filled with a mix of thick, safe ice and treacherous thin ice patches. The catch? The location of the thin ice is unknown. To successfully complete his voyage, the Yeti must tread carefully, ensuring he only steps on the solid chunks of ice.

Featuring stunning visuals and captivating colours, Goldenbet’s IceField is destined to be a standout mini-game in the Goldenbet gaming lineup.


How To Find Icefield On Goldenbet

  1. Visit Goldenbet Casino Via our link here
  2. Create an account
  3. Make your First deposit and claim a huge bonus!
  4. Open Minigames and select ICEFIELD
  5. Choose your bet size and start winning some money!

How to Play Icefield:

  1. The game guidelines are straightforward:
  2. You have options for field sizes: 2×3, 3×6, 4×9, 5×12, or 6×15. Choose according to your preference.
  3. Navigate the Icefield,
  4. Develop a strategy to ensure Yeti’s safety and boost your earnings.
  5. Opt to cash out whenever you wish by selecting the “Cashout” button.
  6. Each move presents an opportunity to amplify your gains.

The game mechanics of IceField are straightforward. Players have the flexibility to customise the number of ice columns and rows, adjusting the terrain to their liking. Once the field’s dimensions are set, the real challenge begins. The aim is to guide the Yeti, selecting the safe spots in each column to proceed. As players advance, they must remember that while the sturdy ice supports the Yeti’s weight, the fragile sections will give way underfoot, causing the Yeti to plunge and the player to lose their wager. However, when the right choice is made, the journey continues, elevating the potential rewards.

As the player progresses, the bet’s value amplifies. But there’s no compulsion to traverse the entire expanse. Players can choose to cash out after any successful move. Bets can range from a modest 0.10USD to a maximum of 1,000USD. So, strategize your moves, enjoy the game, and guide your Yeti to safety across the icy landscape.

How can you optimise your earnings in Icefield?

While Icefield is primarily a game of luck and no tactic can ensure a win, there are suggestions to guide your gameplay:

  • Take note of where the ice cube broke in prior games and consider choosing the same spot in the next round.
  • Experiment with different field sizes; after assessing each one, stick to the size that seems most lucrative for you.
  • Make use of the Cashout feature judiciously. If you have a hunch that the next move might not be in your favour, consider cashing out. However, occasionally, let fate take its course and strive for the finish line; this could lead to your most significant victory!


There’s no need to download a separate app to enjoy IceField by Goldenbet. Simply navigate to the Goldenbet casino’s website on any device – be it a mobile, tablet, or desktop. Ensure your device’s browser is up-to-date, and you’ll experience seamless gameplay. Once on the site, head to the “mini-games” category, select IceField, and dive into the excitement for potential big wins!

Experience Icefield with Special Offers!

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FAQ’s About Icefield Mini Game on Goldenbet

1.Can you trust the Icefield game?

Currently, Icefield is exclusively available on Goldenbet. Renowned as a leading name in the digital gambling domain, Goldenbet boasts a vast global player base. Based on several months of personal gameplay, I can confidently say that Icefield offers both entertainment and ease of play. It’s a delightful game, characterised by its straightforward mechanics and captivating visuals. For a blend of fun and the chance to earn genuine cash, embark on your Icefield adventure today!

2. How do I know Goldenbet casino is fair and not rigged?

  • Use of Random Number Generators (RNG): Goldenbet Casino likely employs RNGs in their slot machines and other games. RNGs are sophisticated algorithms that produce random outcomes, ensuring each player’s spin or play is independent and fair.
  • Adherence to Licensing and Regulatory Standards: It’s essential to confirm that Goldenbet Casino operates under a recognized licensing body that mandates rigorous fairness criteria. By holding a licence from a reputable authority, the casino would be committing to maintaining fairness standards.
  • Independent Game Verification: Established casinos often collaborate with third-party organisations like eCOGRA, iTech Labs, or Technical Systems Testing (TST). These agencies independently evaluate the fairness and randomness of the casino games. Check if Goldenbet Casino games have been certified by any such bodies.
  • Transparency with Return to Player (RTP) Rates: A reputable casino like Golden bet might provide the RTP rates for its games. RTP is a percentage that denotes the average amount a game returns to players over an extended period. Games with a high RTP typically yield more frequent payouts, ensuring players get a fair value for their wagers.

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